How to find us

The Happy Wanderer Holiday Resort is centrally located between Horsham (40kms) and Halls Gap (30kms) on the Northern Grampians Road, Wartook.

2493 Nothern Grampians Road,
Wartook, Victoria 3401

From Melbourne we are only 288kms via Roses Gap
From Ararat we are just 88kms via Roses Gap
From Roses Gap only 15kms


From Melbourne

Route 1.  269km post.  Ararat, Stawell, Mt. Zero, Laharum, Wartook Valley.  Turn off just past Dadswell Bridge.  Recommended for night driving.

Route 2.  254km post.  Ararat, Stawell, Roses Gap Road, Wartook Valley.  Not recommended for night driving.

From Adelaide

Route 3.  279km post.  C222 Northern Grampians Road.  Recommended for night driving.

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