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While you are staying with us at the Happy Wanderer Resort we recommend you visit three close by Waterfalls in one walk.

Fish Falls, Broken Falls and Mackenzie Falls are all located along the beautiful Mackenzie River. All three waterfalls can be accessed via the same walk. Beginning at Zumsteins picnic area and historical site. 10 min drive from the Happy Wanderer Holiday Resort.

Beehive Falls

Beehive Falls is a popular tourist attraction within the Grampians region. Enjoy peace and tranquility at Beehive Falls.

Broken Falls

An easy stroll through open stringybark forest leads to a viewing platform, that overlooks Broken Falls, and is suitable for people with limited mobility.

Burrong Falls

The waterfalls itself is nestled in a bush that entails a 300m walk from the car park. Visitors who enjoy an adventure in off-the-beaten-path destinations will appreciate the tranquillity offered by this area. Whether you are looking for so

Fish Falls

Fish Falls cascades 60 metres over terraced rocks into a pool below all year round. It is easily accessible from the popular Zumsteins Picnic Area

MacKenzie Falls (Mikunung wira)

The walk to a viewing platform, that overlooks MacKenzie Falls, is suitable for people with limited mobility. For the most spectacular view, approach the viewing platform from the right-hand fork of the track.The iconic and spectacular MacK

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